Behavior counseling: We charge $50.00 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours for the first session. Behavior counseling consists of teaching the owner positive reinforcement behavior techniques, and nurturing guidance, as described by Sally Blanchard. We use no punishment/deprivation techniques or any trust-destroying techniques. We teach the owner not only how to get the most from the avian/human relationship, but also how to time-manage so as to improve the quality of time spent with your bird.

Boarding: We provide boarding services to anybody with a healthy bird. We provide sterile cages and a healthful diet; all you have to do is bring the bird and a couple of his/her favorite toys. We require a wellness check (within a year) for all birds from either Dr. Jerry LaBonde or Dr. Kris Ahlgrim or other avian vet. A copy of the wellness check itself must be brought in as well. These exams must be within thirty days of the first board and renewed annually.

We are filling up fast for summer; please call to inquire about availability or to make reservations.

Boarding rates:
• 1 bird: $14/day
• Multiple birds/same cage: $14 for first bird, $7 extra for additional bird
• Same price for your own cage
• 1 bird, extra large cage: $16/day, $8.50 for each individual bird
• Macaws: $18/day
• Monthly: $300

As of March 1, 2014, all birds purchased at African Grey will be groomed at half price for the life of the bird.

Grooming Hours:
Small and Medium Birds – 11-5 Tuesday-Sunday
Large Birds: 11-5 Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Grooming prices are: $25 for large cockatoos and macaws, $18 for greys, Amazons, large conures and cockatoos, $15 for small conures, cockatiels, and $12 for budgies and parrottlets. Grooming includes wing and nail trim, beak trim if needed.

Older birds: We do consignment on certain birds; we will not do consignment on every bird. We often have older birds available for adoption to good homes. Since re-homing is very stressful for a bird, we try to find stable homes who will make a lifetime commitment to a bird. It can be a wonderful experience to adopt an older bird. Some of these birds have been neglected and require the utmost of loving care. Not everyone is prepared to deal with potential behavior problems, so for some, a baby bird is the answer. We try to fine the match that will serve the needs of the buyer and the bird.